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Coastal California Whale Watching

Published: March 24, 2022

Coastal California Whale Watching

The lush feeding grounds of the Pacific Coast invite various species of whales to stop and eat each year, and Avila Beach has become one of the best places to admire these beautiful creatures up close and in action. In fact, San Luis Obispo County contains 10 out of the 100 wildlife viewing sites dedicated by the Whale Trail Organization for the entirety of the west coast!

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Oh, Whale!

You can expect to see California Gray Whales, Blue Whales, and Humpback Whales when venturing out onto the water, with some of these species blowing and lobtailing in the area year-round. Gray whales begin their annual migration between Mexico and Canada from December to May. April through mid-November is the season to catch Humpback and Blue Whales.

When looking out onto the beautiful horizon, pay attention to large groups of birds over the water. They’re usually feeding on the krill or anchovies, and where there’s baitfish, there’s usually whales! If you see some blowing breaking through the water, you’ll be able to tell which whale it’s coming from based on the shape. According to the Whale Trail, Humpback Whale blows will be tall and bushy while Gray Whale spouts are more heart-shaped. Large splashes are also an indication that a whale has breached over the water, so a day laying out on Avila Beach can be just as exciting as it is relaxing.

Local Boat Tours

Dedicated to the importance of preserving California’s local wildlife and ecosystems, you’ll be in good hands with whichever charter tour you choose in Avila Beach. We welcome all adventure seekers and wildlife enthusiasts to journey with us onto the water. No matter the time of year or type of whales or wildlife you meet, you’re sure to have a whale of a time.

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Source: Avila Beach Whale Watching 


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